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Why Custom DTF Transfers Are Important For Your T-Shirt Business

For any t-shirt business that want’s to stay competitive, it’s crucial for to stay ahead by embracing innovative technologies. One sublimation technology that has revolutionized the apparel decoration industry is DTF. In the world of custom silk screeners and t-shirt shops, DTF stands for Direct-To-Film. DTF transfer printing offers numerous benefits for t-shirt and custom […]

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A Comparison Of Epson Printers for DTF and DTG Printing

Garment printing technology has revolutionized the way we bring designs to life. Comparing DTG vs DTF, these two popular printing methods, Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and Direct-to-Film (DTF), have emerged as formidable contenders. This article will delve deep into the dtf vs dtg debate, compare their strengths and weaknesses, and explore which is better dtg or dtf […]

Choosing Between Genuine and Aftermarket Printer Parts

Are you in the market for genuine printer parts and feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options available? You’re not alone. The debate between genuine and aftermarket printer parts, such as OEM cartridge and genuine replacement, has been a long-standing one in the world of printer maintenance and repair. While genuine parts, like genuine printer […]

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